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Long Term Care Insurance Partner Programs

Long Term Care Insurance Program for Financial Services Professionals

Protect your clients’ health and wealth with long term care insurance.

As a financial services professional, you’ve built your career advising your clients on how to save for retirement with tax-advantaged savings, investment and insurance strategies. If your clients are 50 years or older, it’s important for them to consider how to plan for the largest financial risk they will face in retirement – long term care.

For clients with 1.5 million of assets or less, long term care planning is absolutely critical to the success of their financial, retirement and estate planning goals. With the new long term care plan designs, combined benefit policies, and huge tax savings extended by Uncle Sam, even clients with significant assets in excess of 1.5 million who are capable of self insuring their long term care needs find it financially prudent to include long term care in their financial plans. There are even portfolio protection strategies for estates of $5million or greater with programs that preserve and protect 100% of your clients investment principle.

If you are a financial or insurance services provider who would like to incorporate comprehensive long term care planning into your practice, LTC411 will work closely with you to provide guidance on long term care programs for your clients including programs that:

  • Provide cash benefits for long term care services
  • Pay enhanced long term care benefits to stay at home
  • Maximize benefits by providing couples with shared long term care coverage
  • Maintain liquidity with refundable long term care insurance premiums
  • Advanced long term care strategies to build, protect, and preserve retirement capital.

Long Term Care Insurance Program for Employees

Help your employees protect their retirement saving with long term care insurance.

For most employers, a tax-advantaged retirement plan like a 401(k) is as a cornerstone employee benefit. It’s not uncommon for employees to accumulate significant retirement portfolios. Unfortunately, decades of savings can be devastated with the onset of a long term care event. Long term care is the largest unfunded financial risk in retirement and employers and employees alike are beginning to realize it is a missing element in the employee safety net.

As employees increasingly turn to their employers for financial guidance, it has become important to reach employees while they are young and healthy. Considering insurance at a young and healthy age reduces the chance of being declined because of health problems and allows them to incorporate long term care planning into their financial plan while protection is still affordable.

Many carriers now offer employer-sponsored long term care insurance programs with premium discounts and simplified medical underwriting that can be implemented without cost to employers. Since health insurance increases are often passed to employees, many companies are offering the benefits of sponsored long term care on a voluntary basis.

Long Term Care Insurance Executive Carve Out Plan

In addition to providing premium discounts and underwriting concessions to their employees without cost, employers can choose to pay the premiums for owners and key executives on a discriminatory basis with an Executive Carv Out. An Executive Carve Out rewards a specific group of executives by purchasing a long term care insurance policy for each member in the group. By using an accelerated pay option, the employer can project the cost of the long term care insurance and determine when the premium payments will stop. When the executive
retires the business can present him or her with a paid up long-term care insurance policy.

Company-paid coverage is tax-deductible and not counted as income to the employee, and when it comes time to collect benefits, they’re received by policyholders tax-free.

Long Term Care Insurance Discount Program for Professional Associations

Recent studies indicate that as many as 3 in 4 over the age of 65 will need long term care – care than’s not cheap. Long term care can cost from $50k-$100k per year or more! No wonder long term care is considered the largest unfunded financial risk in retirement. As a result, many professional associations and employer groups provide long term care insurance as a foundational member benefit to help their members protect their financial future.

Long Term Care Insurance Advantages For Association Members

  • 5% Premium Discount
  • Simplified Underwriting
  • Choice of Top-Rated Long Term Care Insurance Companies
  • Portability of Coverage

Long Term Care Insurance Advantages For Associations

  • Adding real dollar value to membership that can help offset membership dues.
  • Increasing member loyalty and membership retention.
  • Attracting new dues-paying members.
  • Building brand equity through co-branded long term care awareness programs.
  • Growing non-dues income through marketing participation and advertising.

Long term care insurance can be very confusing. Not only are there many different programs and plan designs, but each of these has their own unique benefits, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it’s imperative that your clients get expert guidance in making a sound financial decision that will effect their family for the rest of their life.

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