Long Term Care Services are EXPENSIVE!
And someone has to pay for it. How will you pay for care?

Individual Plans

Individual long term care insurance plans are the most flexible way to provide funds for long term care in a variety of settings. Coverage can be tailored to almost anyone’s needs and budget with features that provide cash only benefits, home care benefits, shared care benefits, and refund of premium.

You can buy coverage that provides $50/day or coverage that provides $300/day. You can purchase benefits for only two years or for a lifetime. There are a variety of inflation protection options to choose from the meet your specific time horizon and budget. There are plans that let you make a monthly payment, an annual payment, a payment spread over ten years, or even a single payment.

There are combination long term care insurance plans that let you kill two birds with one stone including long term care insurance combined with life insurance and long term care insurance combined with annuities.

Lastly, there are many long term care insurance discounts to help you save money on long term care insurance premiums. Uncle Sam has also chipped in by providing individual and business tax deductions for buying long term care insurance and strategies to pay for long term care insurance with tax advantaged dollars.

Since there are so many ways to customize a long term care insurance plan for you and your family, perhaps the most important component is the expert guidance of a long term care insurance expert who can help you determine your needs and design a plan that meets your long term care needs, asset protection requirements, estate planning objectives, and most importantly, your budget.

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