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Monthly Archives: August 2012

What’s Killing the Long-Term Care Insurance Industry

At a time when the need for long term care protection is an all time high, seniors are not buying long term care insurance and insurance carriers are dropping their long term care coverage. All there are several factors that play into this perfect financial storm, the primary reason for this dilemma is two-fold. First […]

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4 Biggest Long-Term-Care Dangers to Avoid

Recent congressional hearings underscored a host of problems consumers can face with long-term-care insurance. If you’re worried about the eventual cost of caring for yourself in old age, you may be tempted to buy a long-term-care insurance policy now. The coverage may be worthwhile, particularly if stroke or dementia runs in your family, but you […]

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Long-Term-Care Insurance

Most older Americans have no insurance to cover the incredibly expensive long-term care often necessary when chronic illness or disability strikes. Long-term care can be incredibly expensive – so don’t get caught without the proper insurance. READ MORE

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What Does Long-Term Care Cost?

Learn about the variation in long term care costs based on the type and amount of care you need, the provider you use, and where you live. READ MORE

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Pay Today or Pay Tomorrow

Counting The Real Cost of Waiting to Buy Long Term Care Insurance May 15, 2011: Seniors and their families across America pay millions of dollars every┬áday for the critical but expensive care of a loved one. The┬ácost for this care can now top a staggering $90,000 per year!┬áDespite the devastating financial risk long term care […]

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