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How to Avoid the Catastrophic Costs and Effects of Long Term Care

Long Term Care Planning Book

Long Term Care Planning Book

Get a free copy of the Long Term Care Planning book is a book that highlights the potentially devastating cost of long term care and how it is paid for from the perspective of an elder law attorney. Elder law attorneys specialize in legal planning for seniors to help them plan for incapacity or death while assisting in the preservation of assets.

As estate planning and elder care attorneys, authors Brenda Geiger and Bradley Erdosi are keenly aware of the significant risks long term care poses to a family’s retirement and estate plans. They wrote this book as a primer for clients to help them understand what long term care entails, how it is paid for, and the importance of advance planning.

The book has nine chapters and covers a variety of topics that many financial and insurance professionals will find familiar, but I found Chapter 9 – Qualifying for VA Benefits – particularly interesting.

Living and working in San Diego with the largest population of active and retired military in the country, I’ve learned that many are unfamiliar or simply misinformed regarding their VA benefits. They don’t understand what benefits are really available to them, whether these benefits likewise apply to their spouses, or how they qualify for the benefits. They simply know that they HAVE benefits and believe they are “covered”, but they don’t really know what that means.

To answer these questions, Chapter 9 (p. 49) provides an in depth look at the most common veteran’s benefits available – disability compensation and non-service connected pensions. It also provides the five key eligibility requirements for Aid and Attendance – a benefit that provides some in-home and facility long term care services. The chapter also dispels a common misconception regarding the qualification limit on assets used in calculating VA benefit eligibility.

How to Avoid the Catastrophic Costs and Effects of Long Term Care is a well-written, logically constructed, and informative read. It is  unbiased, makes no specific recommendations, and makes no references to insurance companies or their products. I highly recommend this book to any insurance or financial professional and particularly for those that find themselves working with retired military. LTC411 has made a FREE e-copy of this book available and the first 50 requests will also receive a first edition hard copy of the book.

BOOK REVIEW: By Kevin W. Jackson, LongTermCareInsurance411

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TITLE: How to Avoid the Catastrophic Costs and Effects of Long Term Care
AUTHORS: Brenda Geiger, JD and Bradley Erdosi, JD
COPYRIGHT: Copyright 2013 by Brenda Geiger and Bradley Erdosi
ISBN: 978-1-59571-883-9
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